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Why Culligan?

There are lots of choices for water treatment. Why Culligan?

Some companies compete on price alone, and sacrifice product quality or customer service, or both. At Culligan, we insist on the highest quality of products and unmatched customer service at fair and reasonable rates that provide the best obtainable value to our customers. If we can‘t do that, we don’t deserve your business. You expect the best; we strive to provide it every single day. We feel the need to earn your business every day you are a customer. In a world of shortcuts, doing it right the first time is something we are compelled to do.

Any company desiring your business should be able to articulate why customers should do business with them. We call them “Points of Differentiation”.

General Points of Differentiation:

  • Culligan has been serving our area since 1947; Locally family-owned.
  • We are the area’s only “total water treatment solutions” company. Without exception, we provide the broadest range of products and services for residential, commercial and industrial applications in North-Central California.
  • We “define” Customer Service in our industry: Prompt personal response (no annoying phone-trees or voice-mail unless customers request it), 24/7/365 emergency service, Factory-trained personnel enhanced through continuing education, industry licensing and state certifications.
  • We service and support any product we sell, as well as many products our competitors are unable or are unwilling to service.
  • Business Professionalism and Ethics are the cornerstones of the way we do business.

Customer Promises and Commitments:

  • We will be friendly
  • We will be professional
  • We will be helpful
  • We will be proactive
  • We will be knowledgeable
  • We will make "providing customers the best service" our top priority
  • We will view service as an opportunity and a priority, not a job function
  • We will be easy to do business with
  • We will provide the highest quality products
  • We will provide the highest quality employee training
  • We will do what we promise
  • We will think long term in all our endeavors
  • We will earn your loyalty through quality and value
  • We will take as much pride in your home or business as you do
  • We will maintain our dedication to lifelong learning
  • We will recover memorably when an error occurs
  • We will customize and personalize all equipment training to your satisfaction
  • We will be an expert resource for you
  • We will cultivate relationships by paying attention to each customers individual’s needs and interests
  • We will be committed to earn your loyalty
  • We will treat all customers the same – Like Gold

Questions you can ask other water treatment companies:

  • How long has the owner owned their current business?
  • Do you provide an equipment rental option?
  • Do you do a criminal background check and Drug testing on all employees?
  • Do you perform a Customer Satisfaction Survey after all Service and Installation appointments?
  • Do you provide a 100% Satisfaction Assurance Guarantee that is in writing, unconditional for 30 days and is a money-back guarantee?
  • Do you hire people outside your company to do your work, such as doing customer equipment installations?
  • Does your company use their own Contractors State License, or do they use one from someone else’s company?
  • Does your company have any State of California Certified Water Treatment Operators on staff?
  • Are your in-field sales representatives licensed?
  • For multiple-equipment installations, does your company provide a computer-generated and customized Equipment Flow Chart that shows the type, order and purpose of all equipment, the flow path, and the integrated sampling points for water quality testing?
  • Does your company offer Portable Exchange Softener Service which avoids any use of a drain or electricity?
  • If I have water with Iron in it, do you have a chemical-free way to solve my problem?