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Commercial Water Treatment Case Studies

Abbott Northwestern Hospital

Abbott Northwestern Hospital needed to identify a local incoming water treatment company to handle a variety of water treatment needs for the firm. Culligan approached Abbott Northwestern Hospital with a comprehensive incoming water treatment solution that includes softeners, reverse osmosis water for dialysis systems and other laboratory water applications. Read Full Case Study ›

Camille Beckman

There are two possible sources of water for the Camille Beckman facility: city water and an Artesian well that’s on their property. The city water is extremely hard, so they use the well water, which is 4 grains of hardness. The products that Camille Beckman manufactures soften and moisturize the skin, so even 4 grains of hardness is too hard for these types of products. Read Full Case Study ›

Four Seasons Resort and Club

Four Seasons had a softener but it was not a quality system. It had numerous valves that didn’t seem to have a real function, and they frequently got stuck. The system was obsolete. Gerald felt it was time to replace it. Read Full Case Study ›

Georgia Pacific

Georgia Pacific is a leading manufacturer and marketer of building materials, including plywood, gypsum boards, lumber and engineered wood products. They have 300 locations in North America, South America and Europe. At this location, they manufacture interior hard board paneling and paint and finish it. Read Full Case Study ›

Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn replaced 2 sets of recirculation pumps for their boiler in 2 years, costing a total of $3000. These pumps are used to continuously circulate hot water throughout the large hotel. Hot water accelerates scale build-up and causes equipment malfunction or damage. Gene was familiar with Culligan, since it’s a well-known name and called us to see if we could solve his problem. Read Full Case Study ›

Kelley Williamson Oil

We originally approached them when they had a competitor’s equipment. Kelley Williamson claimed that they had the best coffee in town. When our sales representative asked them questions to explore just how well the equipment was working, and how reliable it was, an opportunity was uncovered. There was a lack of quality both in product and service. The customer wanted spot-free rinse and improved coffee/beverages. Read Full Case Study ›

St. Jude's Medical Cardiovascular Division

St. Jude Medical opened the Cardiovascular Division-Woodridge Technology Center in 1993. Based on increasing production demands, the company struggled with consolidating their incoming water treatment needs. Read Full Case Study ›

Treasure Island Resort and Casino

Treasure Island Casino had recently purchased a triplex softener system and was asked to be a test site for Culligan’s MVP controller. The customer was interested in the new controller because it offered the ease of programming; with the push of a button, all of the softeners take on the same setting. Treasure Island had a relatively new softener system with older controls, so as part of the field test, we upgraded the Treasure Island system with MVP (in 2002). Read Full Case Study ›